I’m not going to stop trying to inform them, even when I know I’m not coming across right. It’s all I can do to survive. Perhaps I’m not cut out for this work, because even those who are “like me” don’t seem to understand. Sure, they know how it feels - but not like this. I’m just a little too much.

When you realize this, where do you go? Those who aren’t like you react with fear, or hostility, or naive misunderstanding and carelessness at best. Those who are like you cannot deal with having a mirror pointed at them, and cannot tolerate your behaviours that they can barely tolerate in themselves.

So you descend into those sins some more.

“Have I really spent all day looking at porn and getting into fights online?”

Yes, you have. Good job. Don’t feel so bad about it; at the rate you’re going, this was inevitable. It's simple: